Sparkly, creative, inspiring, totally original and trendsetter spaces...


GEOMIM is a design office founded by architect Mahmut Anlar and M.D Architect  Yeşim Coşkun.

Company’s main focus evolved from residential decoration to multipurpose space design including offices, retail shops, café-restaurants, cinema and gym.

Mahmut Anlar took over Geomim in 2000 and realized countless popular projects.

He re conceptualized space design by combining with feelings and lifestyle trends.

Geomim decided to reflect this innovative approach to company structure and service culture.



The desire to leave the common idea of performing services from a sole structure has led Geomim to search for other options since 2009.

Phases of creating a new space, design, project planning and implementation services are structured as separate departments with professionalized teams.

After  3 years of transition period, these departments evolved into separate companies in partnership of Geomim or professionals with parallel philosophy.

Geomim Group Of Companies formed with GeoID combining all disciplines of design as well as offering corporate identity and brand conception, Geometre offering development of schematic design projects including detailed drawings, application projects , construction document sets and preparation of bill of quantities and Geoyapı working on construction of the projects.

All group of companies share the same philosophy, which is to show extensive importance to design and project owner’s indicatiors.

GeoID, Geometre and Geoyapı works in coordination offering full package service as well as operates separately and cooperates with national and international design companies.